The Full Picture for data insightsIn our post “Fix the problems that can undermine your analytics”, we shared an infographic highlighting some problems that can undermine your data, and ultimately, your analytics.

In this post, we continue to explore this topic in greater detail with a great smart paper titled: “How can you trust your data without the BIG picture?”

Trust isn’t a given, and accurate insights shouldn’t be either. To avoid getting caught not knowing something you should, you must be sure you’re not depending on incorrect, incomplete or misleading data. You need an analytics solution that has the “smarts” to help you determine what your plan is, what happened, why it happened, and what will happen next.

Highlights of the whitepaper include:

  • Understanding the “Age of Required Knowledge”
  • Determine: What is our plan?
  • Descriptive analytics: Find out what happened
  • Diagnostic analytics: Why did it happen?
  • Predictive analytics: Find out what will happen next
  • Prescriptive analytics: What should we do?
  • Bringing it all together
  • Next Steps

Read this smart paper to learn how to get a full, accurate picture of your data without blind spots.