Image by Mohammed Hassan, compliments of Pixaby

The Skills Manifesto

The beginning of May has been littered with important days. Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) led us into Motörhead day (if this has you scratching your head I urge you to immediately play their seminal track The Ace Of Spades at excessive volumes, replacing the words in the title with The…

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Using Data Literacy to Trump Fake News

Every industry loves a buzzword. A catchy phrase to throw into PowerPoint and get the buying masses drooling at the art of the possible. The world of IT and data is notoriously wonderful in this regard. Who amongst us can honestly say they haven’t oohhed or indeed aahhed at a speed of thought or bleeding…

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The Devil is (sometimes) in the Detail

The world is a fickle place. Not quite a month ago I suggested that you don’t need to sweat the small stuff, and I meant it from the bottom of my not-shaped-like-a-pie-chart heart. This month I’m going to suggest that you really do need to sweat the small stuff, and it comes from that very…

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Don’t (always) sweat the small stuff

The scientific community recently took the decision that a kilogram can no longer be a kilogram. Given their track record of declaring that a metre isn’t a metre and a second isn’t a second this shouldn’t come as much of a shock. Since 1889 the kilogram has been measured by means of a standard block…

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The 12 Vizzes of Christmas

I love Christmas. It made more sense to me when I lived in a country where December = Winter but I’m slowly getting used to the sunshiny, summer Christmas feeling here in Cape Town. One thing that fills me with dread however is the phrase “…so what would you like for Christmas?” While racking my…

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All roads (eventually) lead to data

The Data Analytics Playing Field It can be taken as a given these days that any modern BI and Analytics tool that finds itself riding a Forrester Wave or boxed into a Gartner Quadrant is going to have some serious visualisation capabilities. The playing field is leveling out and key differentiators between tool-sets and vendors…

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Have a handle on your data

A Helping Hand(le) For Your Data

Elements to your story telling The author Stephen King in his part-autobiographical-part-instructional work On Writing suggests that his stories come in two parts – cups and handles. The cups appear all the time. These are the everyday incidents, events or fragments of conversation that can be the basis for a story. The handles are more…

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Synergy Insights

Welcome to Synergy Data Insights!

Welcome to Synergy Data Insights! At Synergy we love to play with data and we love to bring it to life visually. We also understand that the path to analytical enlightenment is often daunting and confusing. Each month our experienced team will bring you simple, insightful articles to strip away some of the mysteries and…

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Making Healthy Choices about Data

Making Healthy Choices about Data    by Nik Eveleigh, Principal BI Consultant At a recent business analytics summit in Johannesburg, Synergy posed a simple question to the audience members via an app: “Which do you prefer – a pie or a donut?” As you would expect some people went for pies, others went for donuts…

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