On 1 August 2019, EOH announced the launch of its new ICT services brand under EOH Holdings.

iOCO is a brand inspired by digitally native internet organisations (iO) and creative organisations of the future (CO). Our essence is the coming together of a community of great people with the best technology to serve humanity.

Through many acquisitions over the years, EOH has accumulated the largest collection of ICT skills on the continent. Our divisions have operated under a fair degree of independence, often under their own brands.  The competitive demands of 4IR require a partner that has the skills to transform legacy technology, while implementing disruptive platforms of the future. iOCO’s unique strength as a partner is the depth and breadth of capabilities we combine to help clients seamlessly navigate this two-speed world.

iOCO now comprises approximately 4500 employees that will deliver services around six basic domains:

  • iOCOs extensive Digital Advisory businesses come together to bring design thinking, solutioning, IT advisory and consulting services into the market.
  • Every company is a software company. Our Open Digital Integrator offers a modern software factory for clients, developing high-end business applications using open-source tools centred on enabling business performance.
  • Also within the application domain, our Enterprise Applications team will continue to focus on global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products such as SAP, Oracle, Infor and Syspro, with a strong focus on integrated ecosystems and modern components in the new connected world.
  • With data at the centre of the digital revolution, a new Data and Analytics unit has been formed to bring together the smart data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.  Synergy is excited to be a driving force within this unit, our new home within iOCO.
  • Compute Platforms team will serve end-user and enterprise back-end requirements in data centre management, virtualisation and multi-cloud environments across a range of sectors.
  • True to the company’s heritage, our iOCO Managed Services and Outsourcing team will continue to be a core component of its offering, with a new focus on cloud, developing performance.

At the same time, iOCO’s go-to-market model also allows for continued focus on over 90 global technology partner product offerings and provides focus and support for International ICT operations.

The essence of our change is re-branding and the alignment of our operating framework to better serve you under the iOCO brand. We have also put processes in place to ensure transactional continuity and that all transactional objectives are catered for during our transition.

While our staff will work and serve under the iOCO brand, they will also commence discussions on the proposed cession of contracts to new legal entities in time, which may require regulatory approval of broader re-organisation in EOH. This means that there may be some entities in our group trading through existing legal entities for a period of time, but going to market under the iOCO brand.

While immense progress with corporate governance provides a clean, new platform for doing business, the launch of the iOCO brand marks the acceleration of our long-term vision to enable our clients in a truly digital, mobile and data-driven future.

Your client teams will be in touch to explore how iOCO can add value to your business.

This is our new beginning. We invite you to come on the journey with us. Our iOCO people are committed to bringing you the same depth and quality of service under our new ICT brand.

Kind regards,
Simon Just

Cluster Executive: Clients and Solutions