Over the course of three days, new administrators will be taught the fundamentals of managing servers and content in IBM Cognos. Topics will include implementing security, deploying and managing content, schedule administration and data source management.

Course Outline

This three day class is best suited for new system administrators who need the ability to manage both content (one day) and servers (two days).

Through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, students will set up the IBM Cognos 10 BI system, implement security and manage the server components. Students will also learn to monitor and schedule tasks, create data sources, and manage deployment content. The exercises used in the class are based on techniques developed in the field by our consultants, and as such will not be found in any other classes.

Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, question and answer sessions and tips and techniques drawn from years of cross industry experience.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and the Office suite is mandatory.
An understanding of the standard IBM Cognos 10 BI portal (Cognos Connection) is beneficial.

High-level Curriculum

  • Overview of IBM Cognos 10 BI
  • Introduction to IBM Cognos 10 BI administration
  • Examine the IBM Cognos 10 BI architecture
  • Secure the IBM Cognos 10 BI environment
  • Administer the IBM Cognos 10 BI server environment
  • Manage scheduled activities (past, present and future)
  • Manage content in IBM Cognos Administration
  • Manage content in IBM Cognos Connection
  • Perform additional configuration and customization of the environment
  • Create and manage drill through definitions End-to-end workshops