This two day course reviews everything related to administering a IBM Cognos TM1 environment, including managing the technical deployment of applications, reviewing hardware and software requirements, planning and supporting the overall system infrastructure, and managing users, groups, and security.

Dashboards, views, and the yearly rollover are also covered.

Course Outline

This 2-day course covers installing and administering the TM1 environment, including how the architecture can be customized to fit into various infrastructures, how to perform replication and synchronization, monitor system performance, and secure TM1 applications.

Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, question and answer sessions and tips and techniques drawn from years of cross industry experience.


Basic knowledge of OLAP and TM1.
Basic knowledge of networking.

High-level Curriculum

  • TM1 Architecture and Installation
  • Replicate and Synchronize Servers
  • Administer TM1 Servers with the Operations Console
  • Monitor Server Performance
  • Manage the Server
  • Implement TM1 Security
  • Maintain Applications
  • Customize Business Rules (Optional)
  • Use the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector (Optional)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Template (Optional)