This instructor-led 5-day course will teach modelers how to build a complete model in TM1. During this training, students will learn how to model, link and deploy TM1 applications.


Knowledge of your business requirements
Experience using the Windows operating system and a Web browser
Experience using Microsoft Excel

High-level Curriculum

  • Overview of IBM Cognos TM1
  • Identify Common Data Structures
  • Import Data to Create Objects
  • Create and Customize Dimensions
  • Create and Customize Cubes
  • Import Data
  • Share Data Across Cubes with Links
  • Customize Business Rules
  • Optimize Rule Performance
  • Complete the Income Statement Model
  • Create Applications
  • Use Advanced Modeling Techniques
  • Model Data with IBM Cognos TM1 Architect
  • Convert Currencies

Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, question and answer sessions and tips and techniques drawn from years of cross industry experience.