This two-day course is designed for someone who has moderate experience with Tableau and is ready to take their basic skills to an advanced level. This course will put more tools in your analytical tool box, such as more complex calculations, more powerful interactivity, more complex chart types, and more ways to slice and dice your data to mine for critical insights.


2 days


Successful completion of the Tableau Analyst course, or other introduction to Tableau course, or moderate exposure and use in the tool.   Students in this class should already understand the basics of connecting to data and building charts and dashboards.

High-Level Curriculum

Calculations and Interactivity (Day 1)

Advanced Analytics and Storytelling (Day 2)


Bonus Material (if there is time or if specifically requested) 




Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, question and answer sessions and tips and techniques drawn from years of cross industry experience.