Qlik Sense vs Qlikview?What is the difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView and which should I choose?

Are you an existing Qlik customer, or considering Qlik.  Are you a little confused as to the difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView?

In 2014 Qlik Sense, was launched by Qlik.

Qlik Sense is not a new version of QlikView. While they share the same associative engine and many core capabilities, there are differences in design and product strategy that reflect both advances in technology and the evolution of customer needs in the market.

For new customers, we recommend investment in Qlik Sense. Whether your goal is to provide self-service visualization environments, deploy centrally built analytics applications, create custom analytics apps and mashups, enable mobile workforces, or distribute reports, Qlik Sense offers a full range of modern analytics capabilities all within a unified, governed framework.

Existing Qlikview customers can feel confident in continued use of QlikView, especially in use cases where there have been existing QlikView investments.

Qlik are committed to ongoing investment in QlikView and continue to offer at least one new feature release annually.  Qliks focus is on delivering features that enterprise customers are looking for, such as advanced analytics integration, on-demand application generation, multi-cloud deployment capabilities, increased coexistence and platform integration, and further enhancements around performance, security, management, and scalability. Qlik also continue to surround QlikView with value added products such as Qlik NPrinting®, Qlik GeoAnalytics®, Qlik Connectors® and Qlik DataMarket®.

Furthermore, QlikView customers can consider adding Qlik Sense to existing QlikView environments, for new applications or use cases. Because both products run on the same engine, customers can easily share data models and expressions between them, allowing for re-use of data preparation and development efforts. There are no plans to merge the products, but Qlik are making investments to improve sharing and compatibility, as demonstrated by the unified hub introduced in Qlik Sense 3.0, which allows QlikView apps to be accessed through the same interface as Qlik Sense apps and Qlik NPrinting reports.

Read the data sheet which answers the question as to the difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView and which you should choose in more detail.  The data sheet provides background and comparisons of both products; as well as recommendations for new and existing customers.

Download the Data sheet here.