At Synergy, we believe in using big data from multiple sources – but only when it can be accessed, understood and managed in a way that truly makes businesses more efficient. Our goal? To make business intelligence and big data analytics more accessible to your team, and help you turn your data into real action.

We’re on hand to advise and guide your data analysis. We also make use of Qlik’s Business Discovery Platform – a data management and analytics platform – to help simplify and visualise your data.

Let’s chat about our offerings:

Using data platforms like Qlik to develop a data analysis strategy

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense supports the user, and drives data literacy by easily presenting data of any size. The tool allows you to discover and search for insights that query-based BI software might have missed.


  • Interactive data analysis, with no limitations
  • Simple, easy-to-understand visual analytics
  • Creation and discovery on any device

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QlikView offers guided analytics applications that you can build yourself. It allows users to discover deeper business insights without the need to get developers involved. A powerful, interactive interface means:

  • Maximum control over the analytics you share
  • Consistent business intelligence
  • Quick, easy analytics deployment

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The best data and BI strategy to use to drive data goals in your business

Business Analytics Advisory Services

At Synergy, we’re not going to deploy software and leaving you stranded. We’ll take your business through a process to understand your goals, challenges and needs – and then we’ll advise you on the best data and BI strategy to use.

Chat to us about advising your business, every step of the way:

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