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Welcome to Synergy Data Insights!

At Synergy we love to play with data and we love to bring it to life visually. We also understand that the path to analytical enlightenment is often daunting and confusing.

Each month our experienced team will bring you simple, insightful articles to strip away some of the mysteries and help you on your analytical journey.

Topics we’ll cover will include:

Letting your data drive your visuals

Focusing on steering design sessions away from “I’d like a pie chart in the top left corner” towards “I’d like to know who my top customers are”.

Why widgets are not the answer

We’ll show that a well-designed bar or line chart generally tells a better story…

Data literacy

What are the barriers to self-service BI?
Tips and techniques on how to be able to read, understand and offer your organisation valuable analytical insights.

Exploring chart types

A series explaining the various charts, with use-case examples, and we’ll provide valuable design tips etc.

We would love you to be involved. Comments and suggestions for content are always welcome.

Articles in this series:
Making Healthy Choices for your Data

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